Create a Class

Create a Class

Create a class of your choice

Requires a minimum of (6) six students who are interested in learning the same dance(s) during the same time and day.
A Group of Your Own Please call the studio to schedule, starting at your earliest convenience.
Request a Class Call the studio or fill out the Request a Classformand mail it directly to Impressions.

St. Mary’s Accadamy

Sherwood High Schools advanced latin class

Tigard High School Students, fine tuning their dance steps for their Annual Senior Citizens Dance!


Please let us know what dance you want to learn and provide a couple of options for times and days, and we will help you match up with other dance enthusiasts who have the same request. When we have six people registered, we will start the class.

We can also create a class at your facility. If you have the space to hold a class on a regular basis with enough participants, call our studio to coordinate having an instructor come to your site and teach you, your friends, and/or your co-workers how to dance.


Natasha and Michael are performing for D*A*R*E* and her schools talent contest

Or, if you have a special function that you would like instructors to perform and/or teach at, we can coordinate that with you too.